Our Story

In order to think outside the box, you might have to get in one.

In September of 1999, Matt Bean, a motivated young sales rep showed and asked his boss to quote a die-cut honeycomb sample, which he had acquired from a potential customer. Uninterested, Matt’s boss tossed the sample in the trash. That afternoon, frustrated, but thinking “outside the box,” Matt literally climbed into one (the company dumpster), retrieved his sample and decided he could sell the product himself. After much discussion, Matt and his wife Laurie took a huge leap of faith and decided to start their own business with only 69 cents left in their checking account. Priority Packaging opened in January 2000, and thanks to a loyal customer base, business is still going strong today.

Matt is responsible for sales and warehouse operations. As a former Marine and Gulf War veteran, management comes naturally to him. In his spare time, Matt works with the Boy Scouts of America, having earned the rank of Eagle Scout himself years ago. Being rather competitive, Matt also enjoys coaching community league basketball and baseball, especially his kids’ teams. Matt grew up with 12 older siblings, so he hardly ever meets a stranger and can tell you a personal story about almost anything. Just ask.

Laurie is the office manager and responsible for all bookkeeping. Like any other working mother, she stays busy handling paperwork, coordinating the schedules of three children, and volunteering in the community when she can. Laurie also acts as the creative force behind Priority Packaging’s expanding honeycomb furniture line, Plan Bee Design.